Psychedelic Summer

In downtown Los Angeles Arts District there is a 4,000 square foot creative space serving as the physical vehicle to Hub LA under the umbrella of the national Global Hub Network. The members’ only club is organized as a means to create a sustainable community where individuals can collaborate and brainstorm for professional and business development.

Hub LA is just one organization that is participating in downtown's flourishing growth. On June 22-23, it's neighbor, the design collective behind Storefront LA teamed up and presented Parachute Market, a quarterly event featuring home design and loads of coveted vintage pieces by local artists, designers and collectors. Founded by Coryander Friend, the theme enlisted was “Psychedelic Summer,” a reference to postmodern design with its foundation in “psychedelia.”

There was food provided by Lindy & Grundy’s Amelia Posada and drinks served on the back patio, while the in-door area hosted participating designers and curators including unique vintage collectors, Via Davia Vintage, Just Say Native and Prism of Threads.