Mack Sennett Studios Re-Opens

There is a special mysticism and finesse when thinking of classic Hollywood cinema. It was an era where glamor and style prevailed and the art of film was new and exciting.

For filmmaker Mack Sennett, being a part of this burgeoning scene, was rather monumental, especially for Los Angeles. In 1916, the Oscar winning producer and leader in silent film and slapstick comedy built a production house for his sweetheart actress Mabel Normand.

Since then, renowned actors and figures, such as Charlie Chaplin, Bing Crosby, Dr. Dre, Martin Scorsese, Sonic Youth, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pharrell Williams, David Lynch, and countless others have marked their presence at Mack Sennett Studios.

Recently renovated by its new owner, Los Angeles based, Grammy-nominated producer and artist Jesse Rogg, Mack Sennett’s contributions live on in the historic building. Rogg purchased the space for roughly $3.3 million, preserving much of the original sound stages.

“I’m thrilled to be able to provide a home for artists and industry professionals within my own community of Silverlake. I can only hope that years from now, people will look back on us in the way that we admire the history that Mack Sennett and his team built in this uniquely dynamic space,” Rogg said.

Mack Sennett Studios was remodeled in an effort to restore its original design aesthetic, including vintage leather couches, plush curtains, rope details, and mirrors all of which were found in the basement by furniture designer Christopher Kreiling.

In a recent statement it read, “The new Mack Sennett Studios [offers] a contrasting look and feel than one’s grown to expect from a typical minimally designed “white box” studio. When you enter the foyer of the timeless deco style building, a warm, welcoming lobby greets you, leading into two fully equipped stages.”

The 25,000-foot “triangular-shaped” space rests near the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Fountain Ave., in the creative hub of Silverlake, where Rogg will offer a full range of services for production use – from film, television and advertising to music, fashion and art industries. In addition to studio rentals, flats, backdrops, risers and a woodshop for onsite set construction will be provided.

This summer, an appointment based and invitation only showroom will be open, hosting stylists, costume designers, and press where they can pull from a “curated” closet of local fashion designers and accessories for shoots.

Newly elected Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke about Mack Sennett Studios, “This isn’t just a place, it’s really a symbol. This is where it all started...People think Hollywood started in Hollywood, it actually started further east, here at Mack Sennett Studios.”

Mack Sennett Studios officially re-opens June 8. Mack Sennett Studios is located at 1215 Bates Avenue at the corner of Fountain and is now open and available for shoots and events. For press inquiries, please contact Alexis Florio at or 323.875.4767