Lora Myers of Curio Los Angeles.

Lora Myers of Curio Los Angeles.

Curio Los Angeles Takes Downtown

If Lora Myers could dress the world, there would be a lot more people clad in what she calls “dark bohemian.”

For Myers, it’s a contemporary look with a music festival, hippie style. It’s a bit of Stevie Nicks for the 21st century.

It’s also Myers’ look, and she is still exploring the style. She opened the boutique Curio Los Angeles, located at 125 W. 5th St., in downtown Los Angeles, to develop the aesthetic. On Oct. 18, she held a grand opening party for the boutique at a historic building. Some ancient tiling on the shop floor still bears the name of what may have been one of the original occupants; Bonnie Jean Candies.

For men, the shop offers dark, neutral colors and fashionable basics such as the lines Jungmaven, Daniel Patrick and Blood is the New Black. For women there are mysterious lines which fit Lora’s aesthetic such as Ovate, Gypsy Junkies, Sisters of the Black Moon. The store also sells jewelry and art such as the sculpture of William Malo.


Curio Los Angeles.

Myers also previously worked in sales for Westside boutique chain Planet Blue. She said that she is devoted to downtown Los Angeles, a neighborhood where she also resides. “I love the area. I never leave. I never considered any other area,” she said. Take that Westsiders!