West Hollywood’s Fur Ban to Be Changed

The city of West Hollywood, Calif., passed the first municipal fur ban in the United States in 2013, and since then the ban has been the subject of legal action.

It survived a legal challenge in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles earlier this year when the ban was deemed constitutional. Recently, an independently contracted hearing examiner hired by the city of West Hollywood overturned a fur-ban citation. The city’s fur ban will be amended to make the law more clear, said Michelle Rex, a deputy to John D’Amico, the mayor of West Hollywood.

Previously, the city prohibited the sale of furs. The law will be amended to prohibit both the sale and display of fur.

If a retailer builds a record of four fur-ban citations in a calendar year, the store owner could be charged with a misdemeanor.

The code hearing was held over a citation received by Mayfair House, a boutique located at 8844 Beverly Blvd. It sells Ugg-brand footwear and shearling products. The citation was dismissed because the code-compliance officer did not actually witness a sale of fur apparel. The officer witnessed the display of fur apparel.

Liz Solomon of Mayfair House issued a statement that the ban was hypocritical. “Mayfair House is prohibited from selling Ugg slippers, but others, within the very same West Hollywood Design District, continue to be able to sell fur throws, fur rugs and fur accessories,” Solomon said in a statement.

West Hollywood’s fur ban specifically bars retailers from selling clothing made with fur, such as boots, gloves, hats and scarves. The ban does not cover leather clothing, furniture and accessories such as handbags. Nonprofit organizations selling fur clothing at a fundraiser are exempt, as are vintage fur items sold at vintage boutiques, second-hand shops and pawn shops. Taxidermied fur items also are exempt.