Land of Women X The Dreslyn

For Brooke Taylor Corcia, one thing missing from women’s swimwear was its version of the little black dress, so her pure-play e-commerce shop, The Dreslyn, headquartered in Los Angeles, worked with emerging lingerie label Land of Women to make it.

To be worthy of the moniker “little black dress,” the collaboration, called Land of Women X The Dreslyn, aimed to translate the elements of the little black dress into swimwear. The collaboration line would offer an elegant simplicity. It would be something that almost any woman can wear. It also would come in a shade of matte black.

The recently debuted capsule collection includes six looks in a fast-drying swim fabric. Styles range from high-waisted bikini bottoms to a one-piece to a cross-back bikini top for The Dreslyn’s more body-conscious clients. The line, which is made in New York, retails from $110 to $150.

Taylor Corcia wanted to make a swimwear line because swimwear is one of the best-selling categories in her almost 2-year-old e-commerce shop. She saw Land of Women was seen as the best candidate based on its all-black lingerie collection. Land of Women designer Mckenzie Raley aims for a simplicity and comfort with her line, Taylor Corcia said. The lingerie line focuses on a wireless bra and a performance mesh bra.

Taylor Corcia hopes to continue the collaboration. The line is only available online at the e-commerce shop’s website, www.dreslyn.com. Taylor Corcia said she believes that online is the best place to sell swimwear.

“Nobody wants to try on swimwear in a fitting room, step out into harsh light and then show other people,” she said. Trying swimwear on at a home offers a privacy that her clients seek, she said.