Turkey’s Calik Denim Shows New Angle on Jeans


Hakan Anuk, right, makes remarks at Calik Denim’s 30th anniversary with Hamit Yenici.

Calik Denim has supplied fabric to famous blue-jeans labels such as Joe’s Jeans, Frame, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger and McGuire Denim, but on Dec. 6 the Turkish-based label made its own statement with a gallery show called “Denim Loves Art,” which opened for one night in downtown Los Angeles.

Calik, based in Turkey, supplied its fabric to 30 young designers from around the world. The designers made clothes but also flexed their imagination to use Calik fabric to create everything from plant holders to art installations, framed art and even a giant hanging oval. The exhibition was previously shown in Istanbul and Amsterdam. It was scheduled to make a return engagement in Istanbul, where the company is headquartered. Calik runs an office in downtown Los Angeles.

The “Denim Loves Art” exhibition also celebrated the Turkish denim company’s 30th anniversary.


“Suspended Nest” by Camilla Bacchin

Hamit Yenici, Calik’s general manager, visited Los Angeles for the 30th-anniversary event, which coincidentally took place on the 30th floor of the AT&T Center building in downtown Los Angeles’ South Park neighborhood.

Yenici mused on the importance of a 30th anniversary. “For us, this is just a beginning,” he said. “We feel a lot of energy.”

Also featured at the party was an installation of Calik’s Fly Jean collection. The company describes Fly Jean as a featherweight stretch fabric for “active/leisurewear” hybrid clothing.


“Alchemia” by Julia Eschment


“Storyteller Spirit” by Maryna Dets


“Persona” by Fatma Suleymanoglu