Lectra Launches Fashion on Demand to Streamline Apparel Production

Bringing greater personalization to the apparel-manufacturing industry, French technology company Lectra is launching its Fashion on Demand digital solution.

Developed over the course of four years and based on Industry 4.0 technology, Fashion on Demand by Lectra provides an automated system to facilitate clothing manufacturing from product development through order placement and on to the final stages of cutting.

“Personalization or, rather, on-demand production, is going to be an industrywide phenomenon,” Daniel Harari, chairman and chief executive officer at Lectra, said in a statement. “It is hence Lectra’s duty, as an Industry 4.0 pioneer, to think ahead of time and spearhead this movement.”

Through its work with retailers, manufacturers and brands, Lectra was able to identify the greatest barriers faced when apparel professionals consider an on-demand production model. This process resulted in two Fashion on Demand options—a made-to-measure solution and another that provides greater customization.

“With Fashion on Demand by Lectra, we’re doing the unthinkable,” Harari explained. “For the first time in the fashion industry there will be a comprehensive personalization solution that will be able to perform under the same market conditions as the ready-to-wear segment and produce the same, if not better, results.”

By defining the customization criteria and range, users of the technology can incorporate it into standard workflows without interruption. According to Lectra, each Fashion on Demand package has tools for the desired production process, such as the ability to alter product characteristics for customization or pattern adjustments for made-to-measure projects.

The technology affords the luxury of consolidating production methods while increasing options for customization. In a market where consumers demand immediate gratification and are also increasingly driven by the desire to feel unique, Fashion on Demand allows its customers to navigate this climate with greater ease.

“Keeping our customers’ best interests in mind, we’ve worked with renowned personalization specialists from different countries to develop this solution,” Harari said.

Using an on-demand technology for apparel production allows manufacturers to reduce the burden of creating overstock that eventually finds its way to discounters. Furthermore, manufacturers are able to generate improved cash flow when clients provide payment in advance.

Beginning in January 2019, Fashion on Demand by Lectra will become available during a progressive global rollout, the company said.