Exterior of 7 for All Mankind's Westfield Century City boutique

Exterior of 7 for All Mankind's Westfield Century City boutique

7 For All Mankind's New, Tech-Enabled Store

Premium denim line 7 for All Mankind recently opened a new boutique in Westfield Century City retail center in Los Angeles.

The 1,170-square-foot shop will be a template for upcoming boutiques, said Jenna Habayeb, 7’s chief marketing officer.

“The Century City store is the most innovative store we’ve created yet. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to simplify the process for our shopper, test new technologies and create a cleaner aesthetic for an even better shopping experience,” she said.

“We plan on using this store as a mini lab of sorts to test and try new things. We will take elements from this store design to implement into the new locations on the horizon and determine ways to enhance our existing doors. We have one other new store opening this year and plan on opening a few more next year.”

New features for the store include interface display technology. On a touch store screen, shoppers can view denim styles on models. Choose a style of denim on the screen, lights underneath the specific denim style will be activated. Then shoppers can pick up their selections on the illuminated section of the store racks.

The boutique also works with light in the fitting rooms. Shoppers can select from three lighting options to shape the fitting room’s ambiance. Options include cool lighting, room lighting, and hot.

The brand used old technology to mark its ethos in the store. Metal letters embedded in the boutique's entry spell out brand's point of view. "We Are One. We Are Many. We are Mankind."