Gap Inc. Introduces New Menswear Line: Hill City

In mid-October, Gap Inc. is scheduled to release a new clothing brand called Hill City, a men’s performance-wear label geared toward the active guy who exercises, bikes, runs or just likes to hang out in athletic wear.

“Active is a key growth area for Gap Inc., and Hill City is our response to consistent feedback from customers looking for a premium men’s product that combines highly technical fabrications, performance and style,” said Art Peck, Gap’s president and chief executive officer, in a statement.

Hill City will offer technical clothing for exercising and meeting with friends, said Noah Palmer, the brand’s general manager.

The new label by the San Francisco company will be sold exclusively on the e-commerce channel ( Some of the line’s pieces will be displayed at 50 locations for Athleta, which is Gap’s retail chain carrying its women’s sports and active-apparel brand.

In addition, the new brand will be designated as a B Corporation, or a benefit corporation, which is a for-profit business that includes a positive impact on society or the environment among its legally defined goals. Hill City’s business will be guided by a devotion to sustainability by using renewable and recycled fibers to create its performance fabrics, according to a brand statement.

Meanwhile, one of Gap Inc.’s other brands, Banana Republic, on Sept. 18 introduced a new line called BR/K.Love-18, which is a limited-edition men’s capsule collection co-designed by Kevin Love, an NBA star who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The capsule collection will range from accessories to pieces such as varsity jackets, corduroy trousers, topcoats and some accessories. Retail price points will range from $14.50 to $548.