Kut from the Kloth booth

Kut from the Kloth booth


Attracting Buyers to Project Womens With Unique Offerings and Timeless Pieces

Boasting emerging and established women’s brands, Project Womens offered opportunities for buyers to find more-timeless pieces that afford options to customers to invest in them. Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center Aug. 12–14, the show attracted buyers from boutique-style shops as well as retailers that think outside the big box.

Textured jackets, plaids, sweaters, coated denim, and camouflage pants and jackets proved successful for Los Angeles–based Kut from the Kloth. Shanna Brewer, the label’s branded sales manager, was also showing Spring denim that was not only made with a more-sustainable fabric but was also washed in a responsible manner.

“People want easy-to-wear clothing that has a slight trend to it,” she said. “Customers want pieces that are easy to mix in.”

Sharing this sentiment, Mercedes Alegria, founder of the Oakland, Calif., mobile boutique Style Stream, was searching for pieces that would suit her clientele, which comprises women ages 28 to 35. Many of Alegria’s clients are first-time moms who want comfortable yet chic looks.

“Usually I buy contemporary brands, but this time I am looking to branch out into higher end stuff,” she said. “Also, I want to add some lifestyle items—candles, bags and cards. A lot of people go into the Airstream and don’t want to try on clothes, so I am looking for things that they can pick up and go, especially during the holiday season.”

For Alegria, her wholesale sweet spot is around $30. Noting that trending colors for Fall included mustards and rust, she searched for dresses and a few unique graphic T-shirts.

In town from Flagstaff, Ariz., Tea ’N Lace owner Laureen Sky was a first-time attendee who doesn’t follow trends.

“I don’t care about trends,” she said. “I am independent in my thinking around fashion, which I think a lot of people are—anything goes.”