H. Lorenzo Parties for Kapital Sings Bob Marley Talkin’ Blues

Reggae Superstar Bob Marley typically wore a lot of denim along with clothes bearing the red, green and gold colors which symbolized his Rastafarian faith.

Marley’s influential look can be found on millions of albums and CDs, posters, T-shirts and countless pictorials. Japanese denim brand Kapital and Marley’s daughter, Cedella Marley, sought to distill the iconic musician’s sartorial style. Yet view it through a new lens in the collection Kapital Sings Bob Marley Talkin’ Blues.


Cedella Marley

The line made a debut in Japan earlier this month. There was Feb. 8 party for the collection at H.Lorenzo’s men’s store, which is located in the Sunset Plaza shopping district in West Hollywood, Calif.

Looks include blue shirts embroidered with graphics of lions, jumpsuits bearing the words Bob Marley Talkin’ Blues, and trousers with a scarf accessory. This trouser retails for $599 on the H.Lorenzo e-commerce site.

At the party, nightlife guru Wade Crescent spun 1970s reggae tunes as well as reggae disco, yep, reggae songs produced with a disco beat. It was a genre popular when Donna Summer and the Bee Gees ruled global pop-charts.

The party for Kapital Sings Bob Marley Talkin’ Blues was the first party produced in H. Lorenzo’s new men’s store, which is located at 8700 Sunset Blvd. It was formerly the site of an Armani emporium. Mac Hadar of H. Lorenzo said that the retailer moved into 8700 Sunset Blvd in August. The H. Lorenzo team sought a bigger space. It’s 1,500 square feet bigger than the former site of the men’s store, which is down the street. The new men’s shop also is adjacent to H.Lorenzo’s women’s shop located at 8660 Sunset Blvd.


Kiro Hirata of Kapital