Nats Getty. All images courtesy of Strike Oil

Nats Getty. All images courtesy of Strike Oil

Nats Getty Makes A Statement With Strike Oil

When Nats Getty sketched on the back of her hoodies and jackets, she thought that her fashion detailing would be enjoyed by an audience of one. Just herself.

When a number of friends, even strangers, asked where she got the unique hoodies and jackets, she thought that she was onto something. She might even have the chops to be a designer.

Fast forward a few years, Getty recently introduced a streetwear inspired line called Strike Oil. The name is inspired by her family’s heritage. She is great-granddaughter of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty. But the line’s style is the domain of her personal story, as well as the inspiration of the LGBTQ community.

In July, Getty is engaged to be married to Gigi Gorgeous, a transgender model and influential YouTube blogger. Strike Oil’s styles are 100 percent unisex, so anyone can wear them, Getty said. Garments in the line make references to the LGBTQ community symbols such as rainbow colors.

The line’s looks include tuxedo pants and a button-up shirt , and reversible bomber jackets. One side of a bomber shows a solid color. Another side features Getty’s sketches. Currently, Strike Oil is sold on her Strike Oil website. Eventually, Getty would like to wholesell it and perhaps open her own bricks-and-mortar stores.

Getty’s brother August Getty also has made a splash in fashion. His August Getty Atelier produced shows at New York Fashion Week during the Spring 2018 season. He was scheduled to open a boutique for his high end ready-to-wear on 479 Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills, Calif. However, he shifted course and is currently focusing on making made-to-measure clothes for patrons in Europe.

Her brother’s foray into ready-to-wear literally changed Nats’ life. She met Gigi Gorgeous when they were both modeling for one of her brother’s runway shows. Nats and August Getty work in adjacent ateliers.


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