Calik Denim Increases Accessibility Through New Mobile Application

Easing the customer experience through fresh technology, Instanbul’s Calik Denim introduced a new mobile application that allows users to remain current with the latest industry trends and match them with the company’s products.

The new technology is available through the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. It allows customers to work with Calik Denim any time of day from anywhere around the globe.

Launched during Denim Première Vision in Milan, held May 28­–29 at Superstudio Più, the application has been made available via a link sent to customers and subscribers. The company reported a positive response to the launch, with attendees at the show downloading the application during the event. By allowing customers to reach the company via email or telephone directly through its application, Calik Denim is expanding its accessibility to bring its clients closer to its business.

In addition to matching specific trends with Calik Denim styles, the application allows manufacturers and designers to search for specific fabrics with filters that search the company’s products according to color, elasticity, weight, construction and finish. Through this technology, customers are also able to explore the different washing recipes available.

The application leads users beyond the shopping and manufacturing processes by providing news regarding Calik Denim and information covering the most recent trends. With the technology, Calik Denim’s customers are able to remain informed regarding the company’s Top 5 Fits, which are published every quarter and generated according to region and gender.

To keep clients updated regarding the denim mill’s latest products, Calik Denim will make available its three most current collections. Users will be able to access videos, photos, stories and technical details, affording a greater understanding of each fabric’s weight, width and composition.