Tukatech Founder Sareen Introduces Tukatalks

Ram Sareen, founder and chairman of the Los Angeles–based fashion-technology company Tukatech, announced Nov. 14 that he will host a web show and podcast called “Tukatalks,” which will be devoted to shop talk and discussions covering best business practices from fashion-industry executives.

Hosted by Sareen, it will be webcast on the Tukatalk’s YouTube channel. Audio will be made available on some podcast platforms. Sareen hopes that the show will be educational and fun.

“The difference between information and knowledge is hard to separate. You can’t live long enough to make all your own mistakes,” Sareen said in a statement. “We’ve invited knowledgeable people to share what they’ve learned so those new to the industry can start with an advantage.”

Sareen released a trailer of the show, which features Los Angeles apparel notables such as Ilse Metchek, president of the industry group California Fashion Association, and Marta Miller, co-founder of Lefty Production Co., a garment-and-accessories production company.

Miller said that she considered Sareen a mentor. “I believe people in the fashion industry don’t ask for help enough. I’m a huge believer in mentors, and there’s been no more impactful mentor in my own life and business than Ram Sareen,” she said in a statement. “To have the opportunity to listen to him converse with the people he’s curated in his life is the best schooling possible.”