All images courtesy of Workaholic

All images courtesy of Workaholic

DTLA Brands Cultivated at Workaholic Pop-Up

Boosters of the revival of downtown Los Angeles have pitched the area as a West Coast Manhattan, packed with nightclubs, bars and unique restaurants.But the district has also been about work; the construction workers building new high rises, office workers in downtown’s financial district and government offices, as well as creative workers planning art shows, marketing and social media campaigns.

Geng Wang of the Bonnie Clyde eyewear brand believes there has been a lot of cross-pollination between different tribes of office workers in downtown, and he hopes that his brand’s pop-up shop, Workaholic, reflects that downtown spirit. “Creatives are more business-oriented and office workers are more fashion-oriented,” he said.

Located at Standard Hotel, Downtown, by downtown's Central Library, The pop-up’s interior is set up like a drab office, what with gray desks, wire baskets and a utilitarian looking coffee pot. That’s the Workaholic part. For the creative part, the pop-up shows styles of downtown Los Angeles-brands such as Kids of Immigrants, Homme Boy, Poche, Youth to the People, Phlemuns and KkCo. The pop-up opened on Nov. 14 and will runs until Dec. 31.

Downtown Los Angeles will welcome another pop-up later this year. The Entireworld brand, designed by Band of Outsiders founder Scott Sternberg, is scheduled to produce a pop-up shop at the more than 100-year-old movie palace Million Dollar Theater on Dec. 7.