Photo by Arun Nevader

Photo by Arun Nevader


Art Hearts Fashion Sets the City Beat During Los Angeles Fashion Week

From the edgy to the ethereal, designers hailing from different style backgrounds unveiled Spring/Summer 2020 designs during Art Hearts Fashion at Los Angeles event space the Majestic Downtown, a 30,000-square-foot space that dates back to 1924. With Erik Rosete at the helm, this season’s production was hosted Oct. 17–20 and featured Los Angeles–based designers and international clothiers.

Hitting the runway were California-based Art Hearts veterans including swimwear brand Argyle Grant, Fernando Alberto Atelier, Kenneth Barlis, Kentaro Kameyama, Merlin Castell, Nathalia Gaviria and Venus Prototype, which featured structured vinyl creations. A strong California presence was also found through presentations from Dulce Bestia, Giovanni Testi, Tony Iniguez, Michael Ngo, Rosete’s Mister Triple X, Puey Quiñones, Sarmy and Usama Ishtay.

Creating an artistic experience, the Art Hearts Fashion producers blended contemporary works of art with clothing that ranged from classic, tailored pieces to avant-garde designs. Los Angeles designer Michael Costello closed the final night, showcasing flowing gowns and intricately designed formalwear featuring delicate embellishments.