Photo by Dan Busta

Photo by Dan Busta


Unpublished Unveils Spring/Summer 2020, Adding a Bright Outlook to the Season

Bringing luminous design to her new denim collection, designer Ya-el Torbati recently released the Spring/Summer 2020 denim collection for the Los Angeles brand Unpublished, which she founded in partnership with John Rhee of The Group LA. Relying on warm tones and season-appropriate cuts, this collection from Torbati seems lighter even as a few of the darker denim pieces bring life to fresh cuts in skirts and summer jumpsuits that blend primarily feminine characteristics with masculine touches. Additionally, the brand is offering new fabrications that allow the wearer greater freedom of movement.

“This season we also introduced two new denim fabrications we are really excited about. We have a new bi-stretch technology, garment-dye denim that allows for 360 degrees of stretch capability so basically you can do yoga in these jeans!” Torbati said. “We also brought in a new power-hold indigo denim that holds everything in just the right way and does not bag out at all wear after wear.”

The collection affords a sense of comfort, yet there were challenges. Unpublished updated its e-commerce site,, with its second drop for the season and remains active on Instagram, but it closed its warehouse on March 20 in observance of California’s stay-at-home mandate. The move delayed April and May wholesale orders. It is Torbati’s hope that the public follows rules that will help “flatten the curve,” yet she is helping her beloved retailers.

“We are currently doing a social-media collab initiative with our wholesale accounts to support our retailers, many of which are small boutiques,” she said. “We love our retailers, and it’s important for us to be pushing for them as we all navigate through this crisis.