Photo: Ccilu

Photo: Ccilu


CCILU Launches XpreSole Spring 2020 Collection; Donates Footwear to Healthcare Professionals


Photo: Ccilu

In the search for greater sustainability, Ccilu announced the launch of its XpreSole Spring 2020 collection, which is manufactured primarily using coffee grounds. On March 24, the company revealed the designs that prevent spent coffee grounds—or SCGs—from ending up in landfills.

According to Ccilu's founder and Chief Executive Officer Wilson Hsu, these discarded SCGs are responsible for methane and carbon-dioxide emissions, which contribute to global warming.

"Especially methane is 28 times more harmful than carbon dioxide," he explained. "With 850 billion cups of coffee poured each year, the human being creates 25 billion kilos of the SCG.The SCG also contributes towards a huge financial cost on taxpayers of running and maintaining the landfills."

XpreSole shoes are vegan, water repellent, moisture wicking, and provide odor control. They are sized from a men's 7-13 and in women's sizes 5-11. The shoes are available through crowdfunding site Kickstarter, but will then move into Ccilu stores and online at and

Promoting the greater good during the COVID-19 pandemic, XpreSole is supporting healthcare workers and those who are battling the coronavirus on the front lines. For every XpreSole backer who places a 35 percent off order at $58 through its Kickstarter campaign, the company will donate one pair of shoes. On March 31, Ccilu announced that it would donate free pairs of shoes to healthcare and front-line workers who are working against COVID-19. The offer is valid for workers who email the company with a video or photo in which they are wearing their uniforms while expressing messages of hope or safety.