Photo: Robbins Brothers

Photo: Robbins Brothers


A Tree-Planting Initiative Grows at Robbins Brothers


Photo: Robbins Brothers

It's the eve of Earth Day 2020 and jewelry-design company Robbins Brothers is providing eco-friendly gem options through its lab-grown E3 diamonds. In addition to these products that it has seen grow in popularity over the years among eco-conscientious consumers, Robbins Brothers is sharing how it has expanded upon its tree-planting partnership with the National Forest Foundation.

"What we did in the past, we had a week when people bought an E3 diamond during the week [of Earth Day] and we donated a tree," said Dan Decker, a customer-care professional at Robbins Brothers. "We are now growing the partnership. For the entire year, for every E3 diamond that is sold, we will donate a tree through the National Forest Foundation."

The lab-grown loose diamonds are allowing consumers who love gemstones, but want to buy responsibly, to still enjoy beautiful stones that are available at the same quality as those that are mined. While the cultivated stones yield comparable quality to natural diamonds, the only differences are the ways in which they are produced and the prices. With loose-diamond pricing ranging from approximately $300-$53,000, Decker explained that a natural stone of the same quality as a $50,000 lab-grown product could sell for around $120,000.

"As far as the mined diamonds, they have done so much to offset the effect on the Earth. They fill in the holes and replant the earth, but there is that stigma surrounding mined diamonds in some people's eyes," Decker said. "Some people like the idea of the diamond being lab grown in a controlled environment."

According to Decker, the tree-planting initiative allows customers to, not only enjoy diamonds, but also take an extra step by having trees planted in order to contribute to the planet's health. A customer who purchases multiple stones could help Robbins Brothers plant more than one tree.

"There has been this stigma about diamonds not being earth friendly. I love the fact that this diamond has allowed there to be that link between caring for the planet and doing that while having something that you love. Sometimes it feels like the things we love aren't taking care of the planet," Decker explained. "It’s cool to know technology is getting better and we are able to embrace it and take it further by planting a tree."

Details regarding the company's initiative, which was relaunched for the year in January and will continue through 2020, are available online at the Robbins Brothers' site.