B&R Accessories, Inc.

B&R Accessories, Inc.


IFJAG Allows Buyers to Focus on Business Through Showroom-Style Setting

Hosted at the Embassy Suites Las Vegas Feb. 2–5, the International Fashion Jewelry & Accessory Group’s most-recent show attracted buyers who were interested in serious business without the hassle of competing for the attention of buyers. Organized with the hotel’s suites as showrooms, IFJAG saw buyers such as Ann Barrios of the e-commerce business Camille Oliver LLC. The new brand is focused on providing female working professionals ages 25 to 40 with simple, chic jewelry that she could sell at a $65–$80 retail price point.

"This show I love. I love how it’s the nice showroom vibe,” she said. “With a huge trade show at the booths, you don’t always get the attention that you need.”

En route from a trade event in Tuscon, Ariz., Barrios was a first-time attendee at IFJAG. She preferred to search for mostly gold jewelry that featured elements such as small butterflies and celestial details including stars and zodiac references. She also thought trends in enamel would be a good fit for her customers.

“Nothing too cutesy or girly,” she said. “I am looking for more of the chic, simpler looks—updated classics.”

Within the suite for B&R Accessories, Inc., Amrita Ahluwalia was assisting her parents showcasing the goods of the family-run business. As the owner of Ten79LA, her own 12-year-old brand of accessories and jewelry that is handcrafted in India, Ahluwalia was happy with the quality of buyer she met during the show.

“The regulars are coming by,” she said. “Everyone knows they have to do volume, which is nice. They come in ready to do business. This show is for volume buyers.”

In addition to B&R’s brooches and fashion jewelry, Ahluwalia showcased new products in tunics and vests that attracted buyers to the suite. Explaining that she was impressed to see buyers from every region of the United States, Ahluwalia enjoyed the simplicity of participating in the IFJAG show.

“This show is easy. The setup is simple,” she said. “It’s no drama.”