Neck Froze Tee
Photo: LRG Clothing

Neck Froze Tee Photo: LRG Clothing


LRG Launches Collaboration with The Future Kingz


Kangsta Tee Photo: LRG Clothing

As a tribute to entertainers The Future Kings, Lifted Research Group released a streetwear-inspired collection that celebrates the group's work. The Orange County, Calif., LRG collaborated with the group that started as a dance crew in go, eventually incorporating music into their repertoire.

"As a brand we want to make sure we continue to put the spotlight where it really belongs," Danish Gajiani, LRG's CEO, said. "It's part of our DNA at Lifted Research Group. We love TFK. It's been great to see how hard they continue to work, we're proud of all they have accomplished."

The five-piece collection includes the Kangsta Tee, Neck Froze Tee, TFK World Tour Tee, On Bro Tee and Kangsta Hoodie. It is available on the LRG site and retails from $30-$60.


TFK Tour Tee Photo: LRG Clothing