Image courtesy Venture Series

Image courtesy Venture Series


Hi-Tec Venture Series’ Hoodie With Built-in Mask

The hoodie has served as part of uniform for youth in the past decade, a billboard for brand slogans and art, and, with the new Venture Series of performance apparel, the hoodie is fashion that features a built-in mask.

The patent-pending Hi-Tec Venture Series is a collaboration of Tharanco Lifestyles and Hi-Tec brand, which is owned Apex Global Brands, former Cherokee Brands of Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Bill Hackett, president of Tharanco Lifestyles, said that he fielded requests for clothing which featured masks.

“Our goal with the Venture Series was to cross-pollinate fashion and function. When the mask option is activated, consumers have the option to insert a filter screen into the mask itself for personalized levels of protection. Our Venture Series range of products are comfortable, convenient, and always stylish,” he said.

The hoodies will be for sale on, and will be later rolled out nationally.