Courtesy of Sub_Urban Riot

Courtesy of Sub_Urban Riot


Catching Up With Sub_Urban Riot’s Mom Of The Year

Mother’s Day will be celebrated Sunday and downtown Los Angeles brand Sub_Urban Riot will be selling sweatshirts with the holiday-friendly slogan "Mom of the Year."

It’s been a big seller since Sub_Urban Riot released the Mom of the Year sweatshirts before Mother’s Day 2019.

Brand co-founder Nate Koach forecast a spike in sales of the Mom of the Year sweatshirt. But there’s been a COVID-19 crisis edge to this year’s increase. Since most of the brand’s wholesale accounts dried up, almost all of it has come through the brand’s direct-to-consumer channel “They’re in a new stratosphere,” he said of the sales.

Mom of the Year sweatshirts also pick up on a cultural moment. The pandemic’s shelter-in-place orders have directed a spotlight on the work of mothers, Koach said.

“Who is the hero of most houses?” Koach asked. “The brunt of home work is still shouldered by the women of the house. As unfair as that may be in the year 2020, it still rings true. Adults never put value with work that happens outside of 9-to-5s.”