Photo: Simon G. Jewelry

Photo: Simon G. Jewelry


Simon G. Jewelry Adopts DTC Offering to Benefit Retailers

As bricks-and-mortar retailers continue to struggle due to social distancing and stay-at-home orders that are keeping consumers out of stores, other fashion-industry players are examining methods to help these retail partners. For the more-than 35-year-old Simon G. Jewelry, one of these options has been to adopt a direct-to-consumer model for selling its goods. While this type of decision might seem to be the antithesis of providing support to retail locations, profits made from the sale of the Glendale, Calif., company's pieces will benefit the closest retail partner located within the customer's neighborhood.

“We’ve discussed shifting to direct to consumer in the past and knew what a big step it would be for the brand,” Simon G. Jewelry Chief Executive Officer Zaven Ghanimian said. “Our retail partners are the foundation of our business and to make an extreme adjustment would have to positively impact them. We came up with a strategy that gives the consumer direct access but still benefits those bricks and mortar that build our business.”

Counting Robbins Brothers, Diamonds Direct, Smyth and Roman Jewelers among its partners, Simon G. Jewelry will continue this policy indefinitely. As the son of Simon G. founder and lead designer Simon Ghanimian, Zaven Ghanimian recognizes the importance of fortifying relationships with its local retail partners through helping them survive the current industry challenges.

“The core of the Simon G. community is our customers. We work tirelessly to make sure we’re providing the best possible product and customer service," Zaven Ghanimian. "As a B2B business, we reach our customers through our local jewelers who have become valuable, trusted partners that we have long-standing relationships with. This shift in our business is to benefit them first and foremost, and we’re excited to connect with our flourishing audience directly.”