Dallas Market Center Atrium
Photo: Dallas Market Center

Dallas Market Center Atrium Photo: Dallas Market Center


Dallas Market Center Announces New Dates for Men’s Market

Following the announcement earlier this month that its June Apparel & Accessories Market would be hosted June 23–26, the Dallas Market Center revealed today that its Men’s Market would be held Aug. 14–17. After reopening May 4 from its COVID-19-induced closure, the marketplace has adhered to social-distancing guidelines, required staff to wear masks, regularly sanitized the space, provided hand-sanitizing stations and implemented illness screening for staff. As the Dallas Market Center welcomes visitors to attend its events according to its updated calendar, executives have assured guests that they are working with state and local officials to ensure health and safety, President and Chief Executive Officer Cindy Morris said in a statement.

“Our primary concern is the well-being of our customers, and throughout this pandemic we have been in close contact with state and local officials as well as our customer community to seek their perspective on business conditions, health and safety measures, and travel concerns,” she said. “The consensus, made even clearer after states announced their plans to get back to business, is that we should begin ramping up our marketplace in sync with the reopening of retail.”

While executives look forward to welcoming visitors Aug. 14–17 for permanent showrooms and beginning Aug. 15 for temporary exhibits, they remain receptive to the sensitivity surrounding the retail climate and reopening for business.

“We will be reaching out to our loyal menswear brands and buyers as well as others impacted by so many shows canceling or delaying their events until later in the year,” Executive Vice President of Retail Development Eva Walsh said in a press release. “We understand that for many men’s retailers, their first steps are reopening their doors, restarting their sales and then making a careful decision about visiting the marketplace. But Dallas has clear advantages that balance good business with good health.”