The Albert 2 will be made available in February 2021.
Photo: Aetrex

The Albert 2 will be made available in February 2021. Photo: Aetrex


Aetrex Unveils Albert 2 3D Foot-Scanning Technology

New 3D-scanning technology introduced Oct. 26 by Teaneck, N.J., footwear-solutions company Aetrex Worldwide, Inc., has led to the launch of the brand’s Albert 2 scanner. Features include 3D measurements, pressure gauges, FitHQ software and a voice-activated learning center that affords greater profitability for retailers, in addition to aiding in the cultivation of customer loyalty.

“The Albert 2 is an easy-to-use all-in-one scanner that looks beautiful and modern in stores and does everything a retailer could possibly need from a foot-scanning technology,” Larry Schwartz, chief executive officer of Aetrex, said in a statement. “The system eliminates the need for retailers to use traditional, multi-step processes to drive footwear and orthotic sales. The Albert 2 is the fastest, most integrated and streamlined device we’ve ever made.”

Once customers step onto the Albert 2 scanner at a retailer, within 20 seconds the machine yields measurements of static and dynamic pressure, affording detailed insight regarding arch types and pressure points. The scan also provides a 3D profile of both feet, provding information regarding length, width, girth, instep and arch height within 1/10 of a millimeter. These data are then processed to yield a 3D model of a customer’s feet.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, the FitHQ software, which is proprietary to Aetrex, affords the ability for retailer point-of-sale and e-commerce systems to allow staff to guide customers through the task of identifying the appropriate footwear that will offer an ideal fit according to brand, style and size. The voice-activated learning center leads store associates through using the software, in addition to educating customers regarding foot health and Aetrex orthotics products.

“What’s really unique about Albert 2 is that it can collect an unbelievable amount of data about customers’ feet, which retailers can use to overcome many challenges they face today,” Schwartz said.

Launching in February 2021, Aetrex’s Albert 2 will be made available to retailers with its basic kiosk package, starting at $2,495.