Vans To Roll Out 2nd Annual Vans Checkerboard Day

In 2019, Vans, the Costa Mesa, Calif.-based brand that pioneered skateboarding’s sartorial style, introduced Vans Checkerboard Day. It was intended to be a special day devoted to creativity and for service to creative projects. Get ready for a sequel.

It was recently announced that Nov. 19 will be the second annual Vans Checkerboard Day. Since it comes at the end of a year like none in recent memory, Doug Palladini, Van’s global brand president, announced that this Vans Checkerboard Day will focus on mental health.

“We’ve spent much of the year apart. And it's been tough,” Palladini said. “But despite the isolation, both physically and psychologically, we are and always will be a Vans Family, forever connected by creativity.”

For this special day, Vans will donate $100,000 to 10 individual groups supporting creativity and mental wellbeing of youth. This year’s recipients are Get Lit-Words Ignite, The Skatepark Project, Arte For La Vida, Social Skate, Singapore Association for Mental Health, Buku Jalanan Chow Kit, world of Art Brut Culture, Campaign Against Living Miserably, The Wave Project and The Ben Raemers Foundation.

Vans also hopes to raise more funds for these groups through proceeds of sales from Vans Checkerboard Day goods. For more information, check out