Image: Le Brume Jardin

Image: Le Brume Jardin


Le Brume Jardin Opens

Sirens & Sailors was one of the luminaries of the boutique scene of Los Angeles’ Echo Park neighborhood from 2000 to 2010. Then, Sirens & Sailors founder Jenny Phillips flexed her design muscles and started working in costuming for film shoots, as well as performing work on costumes for special events with Disney.

However, Phillips might prove correct the saying “once a retailer, always a retailer.” She recently opened online shop Le Brume Jardin, which translates as “The Garden Mist.”

It sells jewelry and accessories that features dried flowers and herbs from Phillips’s Los Angeles area-garden. Some dried flowers are delivered from a garden in France, Philips said. Also, one-of-a-kind clothing pieces made from sustainable fabrics or recycled and dead-stock fabrics are available.

Phillips hopes that Le Brume Jardin will be known for advancing sustainable fashion.

“I’ve been making new designs and reworked/upcycled used fabrics since my teens and throughout the 10 years at my old shop with many of the designers we showcased. It was a way to be creative, budget friendly, help the environment, and for the love of thrifting and vintage. Now it is much more urgent to help this planet. I’m just trying to do my part,” Phillips said.