Image: FreedomPay

Image: FreedomPay


FreedomPay and Foot Locker Announce Partnership

Seeking greater payment security and flexibility, the New York–headquartered Foot Locker, Inc., and Philadelphia’s FreedomPay announced that the FreedomPay Next Level Commerce platform would be implemented across the athletic retailer’s more than 2,000 stores in the United States. Through a touchless payment system, Foot Locker customers will be able to tailor their checkouts at the store according to their needs, whether through the use of contactless payments or digital wallets.

“We are always looking for ways to create a more seamless customer experience,” Frank Bracken, executive vice president and chief executive officer of North America at Foot Locker, said in a statement “Integrating a safe and secure payment solution within our stores is key to achieving that. By investing in solutions that address the needs of today's digital world and look toward the future, we are improving the in-store experience while providing our customers greater flexibility.”

Through its work with FreedomPay’s Next Level Commerce, Foot Locker’s existing payment systems and processes will elevate the retailer’s business to the next level of having capabilities that will allow it to remain relevant on the quickly evolving global-commerce stage. As apparel businesses seek to safely return to their bricks-and-mortar spaces following COVID-19 closures, the FreedomPay Touchless Commerce program ensures safety for merchants and customers during checkout.

“In today’s new digital world, customers demand a tailored payment experience that is safe and secure whether in-store or in-home, and FreedomPay is proud to announce it will provide the in-store commerce solutions for Foot Locker in the U.S.,” said Chris Kronenthal, president and chief technology officer at FreedomPay. “Our platform is world-class technology, and with our suite of commerce solutions we continue to drive an innovative, safe and seamless consumer experience.”