Llovana Ochoa

Llovana Ochoa


Gold Thimble Fashion Show at LATTC Showcases Fresh Designs

Now in its 68th year, the semiannual Gold Thimble Fashion Show at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College returned to campus on Dec. 10 to unveil the latest creations of the school’s student designers who comprised the Fall 2021 Gold Thimble class. In addition to special projects that fit into the show’s theme of “The Golden Age of Hip Hop,” designers unveiled garments reflecting athleisure, avant-garde, childrenswear, day-dress redesign, eveningwear, menswear and swimwear.

Thirteen students were included in the class: Arezu Aframian, Jack Bessette, Cinthya Brizuela, Ara DeVolle, Gonzalo Gutierrez, Serly Kaprelian, Hyewon Kim, Sirra Njie, Llovana Ochoa, Julian Picasso Rodriguez, Christy Trask, Pha Le Vo and Yelena Yushenko. Carlos Alcala served as the Gold Thimble fashion-design instructor, and Ana Duarte was the event’s show-production instructor.

The award winners competing for the coveted Gold Thimble were:

For the athleisure category, Pha Le Vo placed first; Llovana Ochoa, second; and Christy Trask, third. In the avant-garde category, Pha Le Vo gained first place; Arezu Aframian, second; and Jack Bessette, third. The day-dress redesign, which required designers to upcycle and transform garments to create new designs, saw Ara DeVolle awarded first place; Sirra Njie, second place; and Christy Trask, third place. Following the eveningwear presentation, Christy Trask was awarded first place; Serly Kaprelian, second; and Sirra Njie, third. For menswear, Yelena Yushenko secured first place; Serly Kaprelian, second; and Jack Bessette, third. In swimwear, Llovana Ochoa secured first place; Pha Le Vo, second place; and Gonzalo Gutierrez, third place.

Working under the theme of “The Golden Age of Hip Hop,” students recreated styles that were seen on artists of the genre during the 1980s and 1990s including Easy-E, Fresh Prince, Grandmaster Flash, Heavy D, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah and Salt-n-Pepa. Winners in the theme category included Christy Trask securing first place, Sirra Njie in second place and Serly Kaprelian placing third.