Image: FashionGo

Image: FashionGo


FashionGo Week to Launch Second Virtual Edition in February

The fashion wholesale marketplace FashionGo will host its second virtual FashionGo Week event Feb. 8–12 following the success of its August debut. The trade event focuses on affording real-time opportunities for connections between buyers and vendors through its blend of livestreaming, trend-focused showcases; live chat for retailers and wholesalers; and virtual shopping experiences. According to Paul Lee, chief executive officer of FashionGo’s parent company NHN Global, the Los Angeles–headquartered operation received a positive response to August’s virtual show.

“In 2020, FashionGo had the most number of new registrants around when FashionGo Week was hosted. Specifically, the average number of registrants more than tripled this past July and August year over year,” Lee said. “That event enabled over 1,200 apparel and accessories wholesale vendors and more than 475,000 retail buyers to connect and discover new business opportunities.”

Due to FashionGo’s foundational online strategy, shifting its focus to produce a virtual event relied on a process that was already a step ahead of where other trade-event producers were following the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our FashionGo Week digital trade show was expedited due to the pandemic, as were several other trade shows in our industry," Lee said. "I would say that we’ve always had the resources and platform to host a trade event online, so it wasn’t a stretch for us by any means. We predict that online trade shows are here to stay.”

For FashionGo, the goal of FashionGo Week is to afford access for retailers to meet with exhibitors virtually to find trending pieces at reasonable pricing in order to refresh inventory to allure customers. Remaining ahead of competitors by offering new product is crucial, particularly within a challenging fashion-retail environment.

“Retail-buyer attendees will also be able to interact with vendors via livestream. It will be 20- to 30-minute sessions per vendor,” Lee said.

During the show, FashionGo Week will also “be showcasing the newest season arrivals with styles and promotions exclusive to FashionGo Week,” Lee said. “I'm personally excited about how retailers and vendors will be able to interact in real time and how buyers will be able to order new arrivals and take advantage of those special promos during FashionGo Week."