Made in the U.S.A. and dedicated to its clients through a direct-to-consumer business, Noli Yoga also is committed to color, comfort and performance excellence.

Made in the U.S.A. and dedicated to its clients through a direct-to-consumer business, Noli Yoga also is committed to color, comfort and performance excellence.


In the Evolving D2C World, Noli Yoga Is a Pioneer in the Active Space

Built on customer trust and forging relationships directly with consumers, Noli Yoga was founded according to a mission that afforded a fashion-driven activewear product through connections with the brand’s clients. What started as a side project for Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director Slava Furman, who was working in a corporate role when the label launched in 2015, Noli Yoga began as a labor of passion. Working with bright colors for the collections, Furman recognized the connection between striking hues and success selling through social media.

“From the start I had a vision to create superior-quality pieces that combined luxe style with topnotch comfort and performance,” Furman said. “Ensuring the line was front and center, we were one of the pioneers in the direct-to-consumer model on social media. We saw that people were drawn to bold and bright designs when shopping online, so we continued to push the boundaries on our pieces while making sure they remained cutting edge and on-trend.”

The dedication to the Noli Yoga customer also led Furman to create product in California as the popularity rose for domestically made products from the United States. The brand also incorporates a sustainable angle in its fabrications through the use of bamboo, recycled polyester, modal and cupro. While the aesthetics of Noli Yoga are aimed at making customers feel good, Furman believes that the foundation of the brand’s domestic production is another factor that allows her clients to remain positive when buying the label.

“Every day we see a growing demand for ethically made products, especially products made in the U.S. It is important that our consumers feel proud of their spending and are assured that their purchasing power is going toward ethical wages, sustainable fabrics and is in support of the local economy,” Furman said. “Our customers know that since our products are made in California they come with a high level of craftsmanship and quality.”

When designing its Spring 2021 collection, Noli Yoga’s focus was to remain true to its brand yet speak to trends in fashion. The result was a collection of uplifting pieces in bright colors that, in addition to being comfortable, perform well for the active customer.

“For Spring 2021, we wanted to stay on the pulse of fashion and trends without compromising our core vision,” Furman said. “Our collection draws from the popularity of classic Noli staples—bold prints and ultra-flattering silhouettes—while incorporating current trends like monochromatic sets and pastels. Specifically, we are working with bonded garments for the ultimate second-skin fit and feel.”

The vision Furman has for Noli Yoga is to become the industry’s No. 1 activewear brand through a constantly evolving design focus and relying on technological innovations. While Furman looks toward a successful future with Noli Yoga, the focus remains on where the brand has been in addition to where it wants to go.

“At Noli, we are always progressing and elevating our standards. The fashion industry can be brutal—you have to be ever-evolving, pushing boundaries and taking risks. With every collection, we look back and think about how we can improve to deliver the best possible product. Dedication and attention are the heart of Noli and what our brand represents.”

Available at, retail price points range from $20 for masks to $138 for leggings. The brand is available in sizes XS–XL.

Photos courtesy of Noli Yoga.