Nas in HSTRY CTA . Images: HSTRY

Nas in HSTRY CTA . Images: HSTRY


Grammy Winner Nas Flexes Garmento Muscles With HSTRY

Nas won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album on March 14 in recognition of his "King’s Disease" and he is also flexing his garmento muscles. The veteran rapper, born Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, has served as the frontman for the HSTRY brand, which takes influences from his career and life. The line has manufactured in California, according to a brand representative. Last month, it released HSTRY CTA collection associated with the film "Coming 2 America," which was the highly anticipated sequel to the 1988 hit "Coming To America."

The 13-piece collection features premium sweats, T-shirts and baseball caps inspired by the film, the personal history of Nas as well as the film's backdrops of the fictional African kingdom of Zamunda and New York City borough of Queens.

HSTRY CTA was launched at, Nordstrom’s New York City full-line brick-and-mortar store and, according to a brand statement.