For Fall/Winter 2021, online fashion reseller Thrilling presented its collection of alluring vintage outerwear. 
Photo: Thrilling

For Fall/Winter 2021, online fashion reseller Thrilling presented its collection of alluring vintage outerwear. Photo: Thrilling


Thrilling Unveils Fall/Winter 2021 Outerwear Collection

With its focus on reuse and resale, the online vintage marketplace Thrilling recently released its Fall/Winter 2021 collection, which focuses on outerwear. After working with more than 500 shops throughout the United States, Thrilling selected thousands of outerwear pieces comprising vintage coats, leather jackets and furs.

Speaking to the value of a luxurious piece of outerwear, Thrilling Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Shilla Kim-Parker noted that adding vintage pieces into the market affords access to quality goods that not only feature unique design elements but also reduce the negative environmental effects that can be caused by the process of fashion manufacturing.

“A great coat is an investment. A lot of time and natural resources go into making a beautiful coat. As automation continues to increase mass production, quality and craftsmanship have been compromised,” Kim-Parker said. “A vintage coat often has details not found in affordable wares, which is what makes them so special. Plus, finding a vintage item to fit your needs instead of a new one helps lessen fashion’s impact on the environment. Shopping vintage is a simple choice we can all make to help protect the planet.”

A Black- and Asian-owned business, Thrilling will continue to build the collection as it adds new shops and fresh pieces to its inventory daily.

“There is something for everyone in our vintage outerwear edit. We wanted to include transitional pieces, special-occasion pieces, trendy pieces, as well as time-tested staples that everyone needs,” Kim-Parker said. “You can’t go wrong with a vintage trench—especially in leather—a vintage cape or a long wool overcoat. These silhouettes have survived the test of time and personal-style evolutions.”

Through its dedication to highlight the artistry found in quality vintage, Thrilling worked with photographer Travis Matthews and stylist Dylan Shulman to create a campaign starring Fredrique Wills, Hadar Kel and Paola Ortiz. Highlighting bright colors and warming neutrals, the campaign relays the chic characteristics afforded by the pieces found in the vintage outerwear collection.

While the campaign reflects a high-fashion perspective that showcases lust-worthy vintage outerwear, Kim-Parker emphasizes the responsible nature of the resale market.

“If you love it, it’s worth investing in. Your wardrobe should be filled with items that you love. Choosing a great coat is no different. When we buy clothing that we need and love, we are likely to wear it more often and buy less frequently. Eighty-five percent of clothing ends up incinerated or in a landfill, so we all should be more thoughtful about what we choose to buy.”