Kenneth Barlis | Photo by Arun Nevader for Getty Images

Kenneth Barlis | Photo by Arun Nevader for Getty Images Arun Nevader


Art Hearts Fashion Continues Ukraine Support During LAFW at New Mart

Los Angeles–based Art Hearts Fashion produced its latest edition March 21–24 at The New Mart in the heart of the city’s fashion district, where it showcased Los Angeles fashion, global designers and brands from Ukraine. Producing LAFW Powered by Art Hearts Fashion at the New Mart building marks a growing relationship between the two companies as the event producer has strengthened its partnership with Fashion Techworks, which serves as a content-creation resource and event space. Art Hearts Fashion has previously produced Los Angeles Swim Week and The Fashion Week Hub @ Fashion Techworks/New Mart through the Fashion Techworks partnership.

In addition to its runway roster of global design talent, Art Hearts Fashion committed to supporting Ukrainian Fashion Forward during the event, as the war in Ukraine continues. Ukrainian Fashion Forward is a program under Startup Ukraine, which provides training, mentorship and a global showcase for the country’s brands and made-in-Ukraine initiatives. Eight brands were featured through the initiative, including Два кольори (Two Colors), MustHave, TOTAL WHITE, RDNT, L’eskizzo, ROÁR Cruise, Vivons and Overthesea.

“Ukrainians are not only fighters but also creators,” said Anna Petrova, president of Startup Ukraine. “They amaze and inspire people all over the world. It was especially exciting to see the wow reaction of buyers and influencers when they realized these collections had been created by designers during the war in Ukraine.”

This edition of LAFW Powered by Art Hearts Fashion also featured Los Angeles designers and fashion houses including Alexis Monsanto, Coral Castillo, Cross Colours, For The Stars, Idyllwild Arts Academy, Kenneth Barlis, Kentaro Kameyama, Merlin Castell, Mister Triple X—the brand founded by Art Hearts Fashion founder and President Erik Rosete—Royal Lily Boutique, Tavi and Tell The Truth.