24 Indiana Women's Apparel Club Carmel, Ind.
23 New England Apparel Club Portland, Maine
23-24 Lazr Los Angeles
23 Fashion Business Inc.'s fashion show Los Angeles
24-27 Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories Show Rosemont, Ill.
24 The Professional Club's Year-End Event Los Angeles
24 "Take It to the Next Level," presented by One Step Retail Seal Beach, Calif.
25-27 Billings Market Association Billings, Montana
27-28 Metro-Michigan Women's Wear Livonia, Mich.
27-30 China Sourcing Fair Hong Kong
27-29 Luggage, Leathergoods, Handbags & Accessories Show Toronto
27-29 Trendz Palm Beach, Fla.
29-1 Atlanta Spring Immediate Delivery Show Atlanta
29-30 New England Apparel Club Hyannis, Mass.
29 FGI-LA's panel discussion on fashion and tech trends Los Angeles
29 "The Effects of Digital Influencers on Consumer Behavior," presented by the FAB Counsel Beverly Hills
29 Technology Trend Panel, hosted by FGI-LA Los Angeles
30 West Coast Manufacturing Conference Los Angeles
30 "Reducing Manufacturing Costs" webinar online
1 Nouveau Collective (TBC) New York
1-2 Struktur creative conference Portland, Ore.
1 California Fashion Foundation’s 2014 Scholarship Awards Luncheon, presented in association with TALA Los Angeles
3-5 GTS Jewelry & Accessories Expo Greensboro, N.C.
3 Otis College of Art & Design's 32nd annual scholarship benefit and fashion show Beverly Hills
4-6 Accessories The Show New York
4-6 Fame New York
4-6 Moda Manhattan New York
4-7 IFJAG New York
4-6 OffPrice New York
4-6 Atelier Designers New York
4-5 DG Textile Expo Fabric & Trim Show San Francisco
5-7 Accessorie Circuit New York
5-7 Intermezzo Collections New York
5-7 Designers and Agents New York
6-11 Salon Internacional Noviaespana Barcelona
6-11 Pasarela Gaudi Novias Barcelona
6 Webinar: Fashion Technology online
7-8 Kingpins Amsterdam
8-10 Imprinted Sportswear Show Nashville
9-10 Head to Toe Women's Expo San Diego
9-12 modama Milan, Italy
9-11 Mid-South Jewelry and Accessories Fair Memphis
12-13 Fi3's Fashion Culture Trade Fair Santa Monica, Calif.
13-15 Modama Guadalajara, Mexico
13-15 Techtextil North America Atlanta
13-15 Texprocess Atlanta
13-14 New England Apparel Club Wethersfield, Conn.
14-17 Miami Fashion Week Miami
14-15 Tissu Premier Lille, France
14-15 Luxe Pack New York
14-17 Surf Summit 17 San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
14 Connections Hamburg, Germany
15-18 Miami International Fashion Week Miami
16-19 International Jewelry and Merchandise Show New Orleans
18-20 Surtex New York
20-22 Apparel Sourcing Show Guatemala City
20-22 LeShow Moscow
21-24 Premium Textile Tokyo
23-26 Si'Sposaitalia Collezioni Milan, Italy
23-25 Fit Expo Poznań, Poland
28-31 Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market Dallas
28-30 FIG Dallas
28-30 FIG Dallas
28-30 Shoes & Leather Guangzhou Guangzhou, China
29-2 Couture Las Vegas
30-31 Redress Eco-Fashion & Textiles Conference Raleigh, N.C.
1-4 ITMA Showtime High Point, N.C.
1-2 Denver Apparel & Accessory Market Denver
1-3 Chicago Apparel & Accessories Market Chicago
2-3 Coast Miami
3-5 New York Shoe Expo New York
3-5 New York Shoe Expo New York
4-5 Connections New York
5-8 Atlanta Apparel Atlanta
7-9 Norton's Apparel, Jewelry & Gift Market Gatlinburg, Tenn.
7 Los Angeles Professional Services’ Black & White Ball benefiting National Jewish Health Beverly Hills
8-11 Los Angeles Fashion Market Los Angeles
8-10 Select Los Angeles
8-10 Transit Los Angeles
8-11 LA Kids' Market Los Angeles
8-9 Travelers Show Philadelphia
8-9 The Deerfield Show Deerfield, Ill.
9-11 Designers and Agents Los Angeles
9-11 Fukuoka International Gift Show Fukuoka City, Japan
11-12 Atlanta Fashion Shoe Market Atlanta
12-14 The NBM Show Indianapolis
15-17 NW Trend Show Seattle
15-16 Travelers Show Baltimore
15-18 New England Apparel Club Marlboro, Mass.
15-16 ABC-Salon Munich, Germany
16-20 ITMA Asia + CITME Shanghai
16-17 The Metropolitan New York Shoe, Footwear & Accessories Market Secaucus, N.J.
16-17 CALA San Francisco
17-20 MosShoes Moscow
17-19 WWSRA Denver
17-19 Licensing International Expo Las Vegas
18-24 Dallas Total Home & Gift Market Dallas
18-19 Northstar Fashion Exhibitors St. Paul, Minn.
19-21 China Sourcing Fair Miami
19-22 Asia's Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Fair Hong Kong
19-22 Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair Hong Kong
21-23 White Milan, Italy
22-24 Fashion Market Northern California San Mateo, Calif.
22-23 Travelers Show Pittsburgh
22-23 Metro-Michigan Women's Wear Livonia, Mich.
23-24 CALA Denver
24-26 WWSRA Portland, Ore.
24-25 New England Apparel Club Portland, Maine
25-29 Men's Fashion Paris
27-29 Capsule Paris
27-28 Capsule Paris
28-30 GTS Florida Expo Orlando, Fla.
29-1 Tranoi Paris
29-1 Tranoi Paris
29-1 SMOTA Miami
3-5 Fatex Paris
3-5 India International Leather Fair New Delhi
5-7 TrendSet Munich, Germany
5-7 Interfiliere Paris
5-7 Playtime Paris
6-11 Haute Couture Paris
7-10 Hong Kong Fashion Week Hong Kong
8-15 Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market Atlanta
8-10 Premium Order Dusseldorf, Germany
8-10 Premium Berlin
8-10 Seek Berlin
8-10 Bread and Butter Berlin
8-10 Panorama Berlin
10-11 Agenda Long Beach, Calif.
14-16 India International Garment Fair New Delhi
14-16 India International Garment Fair New Delhi
15-17 The ASI Show Chicago
15-17 EIMI Bucaramanga, Colombia
15-21 CMC Gift & Home Market Los Angeles
15-17 SpinExpo New York
16-21 GALLA Market Los Angeles
16-17 London Textile Fair London
17-23 Chicago Gift Market Chicago
17-20 Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories Show Rosemont, Ill.
18-21 California Gift Show Los Angeles
19-21 Designer Forum New York
19 Washington, DC, International Textile Expo Washington, D.C.
19-22 SwimShow Miami Beach, Fla.
20-22 MRket New York
20-23 Philadelphia Gift Show Oaks, Penn.
20-22 Project New York
20-22 Project Sole New York
21-22 Agenda New York
21-22 Capsule New York
21-23 Liberty New York
22-24 Colombiamoda Medellin, Colombia
22-24 Texworld USA New York
22-23 Kingpins New York
22-23 Première Vision New York
22-23 Indigo New York
22-24 Hometextiles Sourcing New York
23-25 JFW International Fashion Fair Tokyo
23-25 FBS Tokyo
26-29 San Francisco International Gift Fair (TBA) San Francisco
26-28 Orlando Gift Show Orlando, Fla.
26-29 Windy City Gift Show Rosemont, Ill.
27-29 JA New York New York
27-29 Chicago Collective Chicago
29-1 IFLS Bogota
29-30 Kingpins Los Angeles
30-1 Global Shoes (GDS) Dusseldorf, Germany
1-31 Lakme Fashion Week Mumbai, India
1 Margin (TBA) London
1 SAPICA (TBA) Leon, Mexico
1-3 Trendz Palm Beach, Fla.
2-4 InNaTex Frankfurt, Germany
2-4 Wasche Und Mehr Koln, Germany
2-4 Playtime New York
3-5 Accessories The Show New York
3-5 Fame New York
3-5 Accessorie Circuit New York
3-5 Intermezzo Collections New York
3-5 Moda Manhattan New York
3-6 Los Angeles Fashion Market Los Angeles
3-5 Select Los Angeles
3-5 Transit Los Angeles
3-6 LA Kids' Market Los Angeles
3-5 Children's Club New York
3-5 Imprinted Sportswear Show Las Vegas
3-4 Westcoast Trend Show Los Angeles
3-6 ASD LV Las Vegas
3-5 GTS Jewelry & Accessories Expo Greensboro, N.C.
3-6 Copenhagen International Fashion Fair Copenhagen
3-6 Vision Copenhagen
3-5 Pure London London
3-5 CurveNY New York
5-7 New York Shoe Expo New York
5-6 DG Textile Expo Fabric & Trim Show New York
6-9 Outdoor Retailer Salt Lake City
7-11 Atlanta Apparel and World of Prom Atlanta
7-9 China Sourcing Fair Jakarta, Indonesia
9-11 Stylemax Chicago
9-11 Kidz at Stylemax Chicago
9-12 Midwest Children's Apparel Group Deerfield, Ill.
9-12 The Deerfield Show Deerfield, Ill.
9-12 Premium Order Munich Munich
10-12 Moda Birmingham, U.K.
10-12 NW Trend Show Seattle
10-13 Toronto Gift Show Toronto
11-13 China Sourcing Fair Sao Paulo
11-13 Swim Collective Dana Point, Calif.
11-12 Riviera by CurvExpo Huntington Beach, Calif.
12-13 Printsource New York
13-16 Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market Dallas
13-15 FIG Dallas
15-18 New Orleans Gift and Jewelry Show New Orleans
16-19 Seattle Gift Show Seattle
16-20 NY NOW New York
16-19 OffPrice Las Vegas
17-20 Sourcing at MAGIC Las Vegas
18-20 Accessories The Show Las Vegas
18-20 Agenda Las Vegas
18-20 MRket Las Vegas
18-20 WSA@MAGIC Las Vegas
18-20 ENKVegas Las Vegas
18-20 WWDMAGIC Las Vegas
18-20 FN Platform Las Vegas
18-20 Project MVMNT Las Vegas
18-20 MAGIC Men's Las Vegas
18-20 Pooltradeshow Las Vegas
18-20 KIDShow Las Vegas
18-21 WWIN Las Vegas
18-19 CurveNV Las Vegas
18-20 MAGIC Las Vegas
18-20 Stitch (TBC) Las Vegas
18-20 ISAM Las Vegas
18-20 Liberty Las Vegas
18-20 MAGIC Market Week Las Vegas
18-20 Capsule Las Vegas
18-20 Project Vegas Las Vegas
18-20 The Tents Las Vegas
22-24 Memphis Gift and Jewelry Show Memphis
23-25 Fashion Exposed Sydney
23-26 Fort Lauderdale Gift Show Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
23-25 Atlanta Shoe Market Atlanta
24-25 Michigan Shoe Market Livonia, Mich.
24-26 Fashion Market Northern California San Mateo, Calif.
24-26 Northstar Fashion Exhibitors St. Paul, Minn.
24-27 New England Apparel Club Marlboro, Mass.
24-26 STYL/KABO Brno, Czech Republic
24-26 Toronto Shoe Show Toronto
24-25 Couture, Los Angeles Bridal Week Los Angeles
25-26 Coast Miami
25-26 Bodyfashion Mijdrecht, Netherlands
25-26 CALA San Francisco
26-28 Playtime Tokyo
27-29 Intertextile Shanghai
31-3 The Micam Milan, Italy
31-3 Mipel Milan, Italy
1 London Fashion Week (TBA) London
1 Interstoff Asia Essential (TBA) Hong Kong
2-4 Next Season Poznan, Poland
2-4 SpinExpo Shanghai
2-4 BTS Poznan, Poland
2-5 Fast Fashion Poznan, Poland
2-4 Poznan Fashion Fair Poznan, Poland
3-6 Dye+Chem International Expo Dhaka, Bangladesh
3-6 International Yarn and Fabric Show Dhaka, Bangladesh
3-5 All China Leather Exhibition Shanghai
3-5 CIFF and Moda Shanghai Shanghai
3-6 Montreal Fashion Week Montreal
3-6 CPM (TBA) Moscow
3-4 Trend Selection (TBA) New York
3-6 Textech International Expo Dhaka, Bangladesh
3-4 New England Apparel Club Portland, Maine
3-5 Tokyo International Gift Show Tokyo
4-6 Surf Expo Orlando, Fla.
4-6 Imprinted Sportswear Show Orlando, Fla.
4-6 The NBM Show Philadelphia
4-6 Trends The Apparel Show Edmonton, Canada
4-11 New York Fashion Week New York
5-7 Northwest Shoe Travelers Market Shakopee, Minn.
5-7 International Western/English Apparel & Equipment Market Denver
6-8 Dallas Total Home & Gift Market Dallas
6-8 I.L.M. International Leather Goods Fair Offenbach, Germany
6-8 Norton's Apparel, Jewelry & Gift Market Gatlinburg, Tenn.
7-10 The One Dallas
7-9 London Edge/The Ledge London
7-8 Metro-Michigan Women's Wear Livonia, Mich.
7-9 Boston Collective Boxborough, Mass.
7-8 London Garments Expo (TBA) London
7-9 London Garments Expo London
7-9 SMOTA Miami
7-10 The Profile Show Toronto
8-9 ASD New York
8-10 Trendz West Palmetto, Fla.
9-12 MosShoes Moscow
9-11 Indigo Brussells
9-11 Shirt Avenue Milan, Italy
9-11 Milano Unica Milan, Italy
9-11 rooms29 Tokyo
10-14 IFJAG Orlando, Fla.
10-14 Giftrends Madrid Madrid
11-12 NE Materials Show Danvers, Mass.
11 Milano Unica Milan, Italy
12-14 Momad Metropolis Madrid
12 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid Madrid
12 Designers at the Jumeirah Essex House New York
12-14 Hawaii Market Merchandise Expo Honolulu
12 Capsule New York
13 Atelier Designers New York
14 Coterie New York
14 TMRW New York
14 Sole Commerce New York
14 KIDShow Miami
14 Midwest Children's Apparel Group Livonia, Mich.
14 Coeur New York