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Endless Summer on the Beach

Photos by Tim Regas

Tropical Flavors

Flavors and colors of the tropics help textile designers to create vibrant solids and prints.

Feeling It

Textile designers use textured fabrics, which capture light and create beautiful dimensional effects.

Checked and Unchecked

Prints are a main ingredient to create trendy swimwear. Whether it is checkered, abstract or ...

We’ve Got You Covered

Wear it on the beach, at the pool or for a casual afternoon. Cover-ups transform ...

Animal Kingdom

Animal prints have long been a staple for textile designers. Once a symbol of wealth ...

Fashionably Fun

Novelty prints and conversational fabrics add playfulness to fashion. Whimsical, odd and downright crazy prints ...

Glittered and Gold

Textile designers embellish fabrics with gold and shiny adornments, adding a richness enhanced by light.

Rooted in Wales

Tracing its history back to the 16th century, flannel was originally made of corded wool ...

Denim Nation

For work or for play, denim textiles are durable. Denim comes in many colors. It ...

Best of the Blooms

Country, aloha, calico, paisley and embroidered pieces are some examples of floral textiles. Floral fabrics ...