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Blue Muse

The color blue has been used in textiles for more than 200 years. Originally derived from plants, synthetic dyes allow a variety of blues for multiple textile uses.

Confetti Fabrics

Bands and Bars

One of the most classic fabric patterns, striped textiles are used for many occasions. First appearing in medieval times, they were worn by the lesser of society. Stripes gained popularity in England in the 19th century with Queen Victoria. Stripes became mainstream in the 20th century.

Robert Kaufman Fabrics

Blossoming Blooms

A staple in textile design, floral fabrics are available in subtle to bold prints. Whether it’s a calico or an aloha print, floral fabrics are popular in all aspects of fashion.


Shine On

Yellow is the brightest and psychologically the happiest color of the visible spectrum. It can make you feel cheerful and warm. Because of yellow’s luminosity, it is often used to make bold statements in fashion.


Think Pink

The color pink, as a noun, dates back to the late 17th century and is named after the flower of the same name. The use of the color pink goes back to ancient times when it was referred to as “roseus” in Latin. Pink is now widely used by artists and fashion designers.

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It’s So Easy, Going Green

The most common color in the natural world, green is the symbol of freshness and progress. It is often associated with environmental and social-justice movements. Fashion designers use a wide variety of green hues to allow for personal expression.


Hyosung to Bring High-Performance and Sustainable Technologies to Munich Fabric Start

During the Munich Fabric Start fair, which will be held Sept. 4-6, creora brand manufacturer Hyosung will launch its new line—creora Fit2.

Keeping Up With Sustainability Demand

Building sustainability aspects into products and figuring out ways to serve the particular mindset of millennials are among the challenges facing fiber manufacturers.

Textile Trends

Textile Trends

Cotton Inc.'s New Anti-Wrinkle Technology

To meet consumer demand for apparel that fits within a modern lifestyle, Cotton Incorporated recently introduced its patent-pending Purepress resin finish.

Textile Trends

Textile Trends

Polartec Introduces Upgrade to Its Insulation

Polartec, the textile company known for its synthetic materials, recently introduced its new Polartec Power Fill.

Approaching Eco-friendly Denim With Artisan Cloth and Lenzing

During a recent “Innovation Celebration” event at Artisan Cloth’s downtown Los Angeles showroom, founder Brad Alden Mowry—who co-owns the company with his wife, Danielle—explained that he and his partners were interested not in sales but showcasing their sustainability options

Trims, Accessories & Branding

Trims, Accessories & Branding

Findings & Trimmings

U.S. Textile Industry Calls for Tariffs on Imported Textiles and Apparel End Products

The U.S. textile industry has asked the Trump administration to place tariffs on certain textile and apparel products made by China that may infringe on U.S. companies’ intellectual-property rights.

Cotton Prices Are Rising—Whose Fault Is It?

Hovering at approximately 85 cents a pound this week, cotton has been selling at record highs not seen in four years. The causes vary, but there is one issue taking a lot of the blame—the looming trade war between the United States and China.

Unifi Buys National Spinning Co.

Unifi Inc., known for its synthetic and recycled yarns, has agreed to buy the dyed-yarn business and assets of National Spinning Co. Both are located in North Carolina.

GOTS Gets Two New Leaders

After leading the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) nonprofit since it was founded in 2002, Herbert Ladwig has stepped down as managing director, turning leadership over to two people.

New Chairman Elected for the National Council of Textile Organizations

At its annual meeting, the National Council of Textile Organizations elected Marty Moran, chief executive of Buhler Quality Yarns Corp. in Jefferson, Ga., as its chairman. Previously, he had been the vice chairman of NCTO.

Two Important Textile and Fiber Organizations Merge

As of April 1, the National Council of Textile Organizations and the American Fiber Manufacturers Association will be one.

Findings & Trimmings

Findings & Trimmings