West Coast-Focused Trade Event to Debut in N.Y.

Matt Meyerson, the former senior vice president of product placement at BWR Public Relations, is leveraging his industry contacts to launch Expose NY, a fashion showcase of West Coast designers that targets top-tier fashion editors and stylists. The one-day “editor day on steroids” event will debut Sept. 4 in Manhattan, just prior to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week’s Spring 2009 presentation, to be held Sept. 5–13.

A project of Meyerson’s new company, Los Angeles–based RPRT Communications, Expose NY is meant to give up-and-coming and established brands the opportunity to court editors and stylists to whom they might not normally have access. “A lot of great brands don’t have access to top-tier editors or the budget for a runway show or representation in New York. Conversely, a lot of these important editors and stylists—the people who make the decisions about what gets into magazines and onto celebrities and TV and movies—don’t have time to attend every trade show to discover the hot new thing. Expose NY is about presenting a tightly edited group of brands in an upscale environment that is conducive to doing business,” Meyerson said. “This isn’t a gifting suite. We’re being very selective about who we allow in. We’ll feature 15 to 20 brands that each bring something special and are compelling in some way. It’s strategically timed perfectly between Project [Global Trade Show] in New York and MAGIC [Marketplace] in Las Vegas—and we’re right before Fashion Week, so we can capitalize on all that energy.”

A similar showcase, Expose LA, is set for summer 2009 in Los Angeles.

For more information and for application forms, visit www.expose-ny.com or call (310) 806-3672. —Erin Barajas