Scott Weiland Launches Collection in Vegas

Weiland for English Laundry, photo courtesy of Torry Morgan

Fashion and rock n’ roll go hand in hand. And for Scott Weiland – a clothing line seems to be the perfect venture. The frontman for the Stone Temple Pilots is known for his often flamboyant on-stage style. Weiland kicked off the launch of his new line, Weiland for English Laundry, with a performance at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas in conjunction with its debut during the Aug. 31 to Sept. 2 run of the MAGIC Marketplace.

Weiland, wearing a white pin-striped suit, blue-and-white stripe shirt and coordinating tie, looked smart for an intimate performance on Sept. 2 at Wasted Space in celebration of the launch. The rocker, who has a great interest in fashion and design, said he has always wanted to launch a line. But instead of flashy silver pants and red fur coats of his former years, the collection fuses Weiland’s sophisticated rocker flare into tailored suits, woven shirts, ties, scarves and hats. It’s the perfect blend of elegant 1970’s-inspired rocker gear with a Savile Row twist.

To create the collection, Weiland partnered with English Laundry, a brand steeped in music and rock n’ roll. English Laundry falls under the umbrella of parent company Rock Roll Religion, which includes Fender: The Clothing Collection and Jimi Hendrix: The Experience among others. To create an authentic look, owner and designer Christopher Wicks said he worked with Weiland to translate his intrinsic rock n’ roll style into the collection. According to Wicks, just adding a celebrity name to an item doesn’t sell it anymore - there has to be some credibility in being linked with a clothing brand. In addition to being involved with creating the collection, Weiland is one of the few celebs who wears his own collection. He sported it during recent appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The American Music Awards and will be wearing it on his upcoming tour with STP.

While in Vegas I caught Weiland to find out the inspiration behind the collection and to hear his personal take on style. See below for a QA with the legendary rocker straight from the red carpet in Vegas.

Scott Weiland on the red carpet at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, photo courtesy of WireImage.

What inspired you to launch the collection?

I’ve been wanting to do a line for a long time and I talked to several people. I talked to some big lines, some big designers and it almost came down to doing one with Hugo Boss and that didn’t happen. When I talked to Chris [Wicks] it was the perfect marriage because his ideas for fashion and his fashion sense and where he came from was exactly where I’m at and where I see a line going - Savile Row style suits mixed with rock n’ roll – very late ’60s, early ’70s Stones and Bowie. The way The Beatles would go and get a suit made.

What is your biggest fashion inspiration?

Probably if I had to pick one it would be David Bowie or Bryan Ferry. I could be a little more flamboyant when I was younger, but I think growing older gracefully within fashion you can still be rock n’ roll and put a fashion point across.

Has your style changed over the years?

I remember in 1996 I got my first velvet Gucci suit - I still have that actually - and I haven’t looked back since. I sort of figured out why it was that great performers mix so well with fashion and the designers worked so well with those great performers - they were each other's muses.

Do you work with a stylist?

I have in the past, but it’s hard to work with a stylist because I like to mix second hand store clothing with YSL or Burberry and mix it up with Topshop stuff and just kind of get a conglomeration of everything - whatever works together. I think if it takes you over 10 minutes to get dressed then you’re trying too hard.

You obviously have a bit of a bad boy reputation. Who do you see wearing your line?

I would hope that you would see my clothes in stores like Barneys - that would be the ideal. And on people between their early 20s up to 50 -really depending on if you keep yourself in shape and look good in a suit. And eventually we will put out a pair of jeans as well because jeans work well with a jacket.

You incorporated your family crest into your collection. What is the meaning behind it?

It’s of German descent. We looked back about five years ago into the ancestry and found, I guess, some nobility. There was a crest and a quite interesting one so we decided to use that as part of the design.

What’s next for you and the Stone Temple Pilots?

We’re almost finished making our new STP album, which is I think the best record we’ve made since “Tiny Music” or maybe “Purple.” I’m really excited about it. We’re working with Don Was, who has worked with The Rolling Stones on a bunch of records and he’s a great producer. I’m also doing shows with my band Saffron Salvos and will be touring with STP.

Weiland will be kicking off the launch of the collection in Los Angeles on Sept. 9 with a free show at The Roxy. Expect to hear some great music and view the collection a la sexy female models on the runway in his menswear collection. Here are more images from the launch in Vegas.

Christopher Wicks and Scott Weiland (center) with Weiland's band, photo courtesy of WireImage.

Weiland performs at Wasted Space in Las Vegas, photo courtesy of WireImage.

Scott Weiland, photo courtesy of WireImage