New Lines: California Market Center

The following are new lines carried by showrooms at the California Market Center, located at 110 E. Ninth St., Los Angeles. The California Apparel News lists new tenants and lines each market-week issue.



Joken Style Showroom A514Bella Legs Intimate apparel Geisha De Guadares Fashion, jewelry Christina Yaladares Fashion, jewelry Kenda Kist Fashion, jewelry Mush and Rooms Girls’ Christina Price Accessories Iron Fist Accessories

Accessories Buy Jo Anne A1002Gab & Cos Fashion, jewelry Bruges Fashion, jewelry Chinese Laundry Belts Nicole Le Belts

Priorities A1055 John Michael Richardson Women’s fashion, jewelry LA Indulgence Women’s fashion, jewelry Judith Hendler Women’s fashion, jewelry Christopher M Women’s fashion, jewelry

Romy MA1083Big Buddha Handbags


Karen Kearns SalesA247Olsen Europe Updated

Mary Minser Showroom A298Amour Vert Updated/Contemporary tops

Kristi Williams A312 Ashe Woods Updated denim, dresses Miss Print Updated denim, dresses

J V Associates A314Ann Trinity Updated/Contemporary

Fern Liberson & Co. A317Two Wishes Updated/Contemporary

Jon Kats & Associates A333Citi Life Guru Were

Laura Cohen Sales A393ZBA Updated


Rep et Trois A294Fate Contemporary Mia Paluzzi Contemporary dresses Lulu Mari Contemporary dresses

Ian Gant Showroom B4358 Penny Nails Contemporary Denim Junkie Contemporary denim

Judy Kurgan Sales B503 Jamie Kreitman Contemporary

L on Five B511 Dating Clothing Contemporary tops and bottoms Sledge Contemporary tops b bottoms

Randee Cohen Showroom B513My Tribe Contemporary Peace Love World Contemporary

Joken Style Showroom A514Natures Mistake Contemporary Eco Yoga Organic miscellaneous Kuto Contemporary Revenge Is Contemporary

Shay-Costello Inc. B545Kristen Chernowetz Contemporary dresses Joy Joy Contemporary dresses

Karma Showrom B573 I Love Life Clothing Co. Licensed graphic tees


West Coast Maternity A649Groupe Zannier USA Kids’ IKKS Kids’ 3Pommes Kids’ Little Couture by Jean Bourget Kids’ Heather Lehmann Kids’ Ingrid N Isabel Kids’

Julie Smith Kids A686Mayoral Kids’ Kimochis Kids’ United Legwear for Zutano Kids’ Five Loavesteofish Kids’

Wendy’s Closet A691 Bloch Shoes Kids’ Sofi Kids’ Oilily Bags Kids’

Lindsay’s Forever YoungA693Kapital K Kids’, boys’ Stencil Kids’, boys’ Angela Frost Kids’, boys’ Little Ruler Kids’, boys’ Vitage Kit Infants’/ toddlers’ Go Jeans Kids’, girls’ Velvet and Tweed Infants’/ toddlers’

Paperdoll Style A698Bina Apparel Kids’ Milk N Honey Baby Kids’ Saurehe Kids’ Taka Bee Kids’ Kidwick Books Kids’ Booyan Baby Kids’ Kensie Lu Kids’Little Bean Kids’

Allison Showroom B603A. Bird Kids’, girls’ June Plum Kids’, girls’

Smallshop Showroom B605Urban Munchkin Kids’, boys’ Kai Bean Kids’, boys’ Whitley Kros Girl Kids’, girls’



Peep Studio B824 Juniors private label

Come Como B832Juniors private label

Showroom Soup B873Juniors private label


S.D. Jewelry Design A1038S.D. Jewelry Design Accessories

Timmy Woods Beverly Hills A1092Timmy Woods Accessories


Vision Sales C445Rarefied Men’s street contemporary Seduka Jeans Men’s street contemporary Vlado Footwear Men’s street contemporary Castlebury Men’s street contemporary KRNC Men’s street contemporary


Craig Nadeau Sales A315Rico Updated women’s sweaters Rice Updated women’s sweaters Hanna G Updated women’s shirts Jaye and Liam Updated layering tees A People United Updated sportswear


Lexi Luu A632Lexi Luu Designs Kids’ dancewear and boutique