Kymberly and Alexis McClay

Kymberly and Alexis McClay



For years, twins Alexis and Kymberly McClay had their downtown Los Angeles corporate office separate from their showroom in the Cooper Design Space.

But at the end of February, the McClays moved their entire operation for their Naven label to the third floor of the Gerry Building, where everything is located on one floor—from customer service and sample making to corporate offices and showroom.

“It’s a lot of work doing sales and design, and it’s easier to coordinate everything under one roof,” said Alexis, who is in charge of marketing after graduating from Pepperdine University.

Kymberly, who graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, is head of design for the label, which concentrates on dresses, skirts and blouses. Kristen Archdeacon is the sales manager at the Gerry Building showroom and in charge of wholesale inquiries. Meeka, the twins’ 6-year-old Australian shepherd, is the unofficial mascot, who wanders through the offices to patrol the premises.

The McClays’ label—named after a village in Ireland—was launched in 2008, landing in several specialty boutiques. By 2011, the twins had garnered some big-name department-store business at Neiman Marcus as well as with e-commerce sites for Pacific Sunwear and Urban Outfitters.

They’ve divided their label into three concepts. There is the Designer Collection, carried at high-end department stores. One of the most popular sellers for Holiday has been the “Siren” gown, which wholesales for $88. It hugs the body with a narrow waist and has a hem that brushes the floor. Wholesale prices for the dress-heavy collection range from $72 to $200. The typical customer is 25 to 35 years old.

The Neon Collection is for a younger clientele, ranging in age from 15 to 25. Bright colors and prints with shorter hem lines and cutout silhouettes dominate with touches of mesh and bold zippers making their mark. Some dresses come in a sequin fabric. Wholesale prices are more modest, at $35 to $72.

Rounding out the offerings is Naven Casuals, comfortable fashion knit pieces that wholesale for under $50.

The twins’ goal is to supply stores with merchandise quickly, which is why they produce most of their garments in Los Angeles. They are also gearing up to launch swimwear, shoes and handbags.