Delia’s: End of an Era

Delia’s, the teen retailer that pioneered the whole “magalog” category is soon to be no more.

Before the fast-fashion boom and way before we knew media could be so very social, there was Delia’s. The catalog retailer sold cute merchandise at teen-friendly prices in a format that looked more like a magazine than a catalog (hence the name “magalog”). Launched in 1996, the company was acquired in 2003 by competing magalog Alloy. Over the years, the company grew to include 115 stores in malls in 33 states.

In anticipation of a Chapter 11 filing (and after several years trying to find a partner or new owner for the business), Delia’s has struck an agreement with Hilco Merchant Resources LLC and Gordon Brothers Retail Partners LLC to sell off all the merchandise—plus some store fixtures and other equipment beginning today.