Agent Icon

Agent Icon

Cooper Design Space, Suite 205

(213) 489-4789

After many years on the 12th floor of The New Mart, the Agent Icon showroom moved in in June to a new space on the second floor of the Cooper Design Space, where light filters into the bright space through the trees lining Los Angeles Street.

“We were going for a clean look,” said Alicia “Cha Cha” Rodrigo, Agent Icon showroom director. “I love the white walls and the high windows.”

Minimalist cable racks were already in place in the showroom when Rodrigo and her colleague Annabel Powell moved in. Agent Icon is sharing the space with the By Land and Sea showroom.

The new showroom houses Agent Icon’s seven collections, Los Angeles–based Line & Dot and Supermuse; Wyldr London, a collection based in London and LA; New York–based Saylor;and six Australian collections: Bardot, Asilo, Three of Something, Style Stalker, Madison Square and Madison Square’s sister line, Wilde Heart.

Wholesale prices for Line & Dot, Style Stalker and Three of Something range approximately from $38 to $150. Wholesale prices for Madison Square, Wilde Heart and Wyldr London are “super accessible,” Rodrigo said, ranging from $16 to $45. Supermuse is wholesale priced from $18 to $22 and Saylor is wholesale priced from $45 to $115.

Just as the showroom was moving to the Cooper building, the Agent Icon showroom also opened in New York, where a third member of the Agent Icon team, Robin Foti, is based.

“We’ll still do all the New York shows,” Rodrigo said. “It’s just easy when you also have someone there.”