Showroom Dog

Rusty likes treats. He likes people. And he likes to hang out in the hallway outside the Julie & Stuart Marcher showroom on the ninth floor of the Gerry Building.


Rusty with Stuart Marcher

"He loves coming here. He is like the mayor of the floor," said Stuart Marcher, who has taught his 10-year-old dog to do a few tricks with a lot of prompting. "He is pretty good at bringing in buyers."


Rusty speaks to Stuart in his own language

When Rusty isn't lying outside in the hallway or in the showroom's entrance way, he is wondering around to visit the neighbors. Jamie Prince, Neetu Malik and Karen Kearns, who have nearby showrooms, always have some kind of treat to give Rusty, who was adopted from a shelter when he was eight months old.

Rusty is spending more time than usual at the dog-friendly Gerry Building because he had surgery a few weeks ago to remove a tumor that turned out to be benign. Those dog treats must be helping with the recovery.