Centric Launches Visual Innovation Platform to Share Information Visually Across Company Departments in Real Time

Campbell, Calif.–based technology solutions provider Centric Software has launched the Centric Visual Innovation Platform, a collection of digital boards for mobile devices such as the iPad and the iPhone, as well as large-scale, touch-screen televisions.

This new platform is aimed at both executives who need strategic overview information as well as users who need drill-down capabilities and mass automation of executive decision making.

Centric VIP’s digital boards include mood boards and material and style boards to help with allocation and merchandising. There are sales boards to ensure accurate information can be shared in real time. The platform is geared for a wide range of positions from executives to the creative, merchandising, product development and sourcing teams.

“Centric VIP was conceived in close, on-site partnerships with the world’s leading brands and retailers and is a fully market-driven, game-changing innovation,” said Humberto Roa, Centric’s vice president of innovation, in a statement.

The new platform focuses on three areas: collaboration, decision making and execution of decisions. Information can be projected on a giant touchscreen television as well as directly to individual devices, where users can drill down into details.

The platform can pull information from first-level line plans, track changes and incorporate feedback before finalizing unit commitments. Changes are updated automatically and approvals and tasks are sent to the appropriate executives and teams.

“Centric VIP is a dramatic innovation that transforms our customers’ business by collapsing their time to market, delivering massive streamlining and speeding their execution. It is truly a game-changing innovation,” said Chris Groves, Centric president and chief executive officer.

In June and July, Centric Software will hold a series of seminars to demonstrate the platform in person. For more information, visit or email