U.S. T-Shirt Factory Receives GOTS Certification


Sundog Productions recently received GOTS certification. Company owner Cas Silver also developed Sea Ink, a proprietary printing and softening process based on seaweed.

Sundog Productions, a 25-year-old apparel manufacturer in Fairfax, Va., recently was certified as a fully integrated GOTS factory by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

The supply chain for Sundog Productions’ GOTS-certified products is fully transparent from cotton field to finished garment, according to the company.

Furthermore, the GOTS certification ensures that the company uses no toxic inputs and its textiles are pesticide-free, not made with genetically modified materials and not finished with formaldehyde, chlorine bleach, heavy metals or other environmentally hazardous chemicals.

The company’s 40,000-square-foot facility has solar panels and a geothermal heat-reclamation system to reduce its energy usage and carbon footprint. Sundog cuts, sews, garment dyes, tie-dyes and embroiders in-house. The company also offers a proprietary printing and softening process called Sea Ink, which was developed by Sundog Productions owner Cas Shiver. Using inks made from seaweed, Sea Ink printing uses no PVC, binders, resins or harmful chemicals. The dyes create a permanent bond with the fabric to create a graphic with a soft hand that won’t run or crack after washing.

In addition to sustainable production methods, Sundog Productions also participates in a number of socially responsible programs, including jail work release and on-site job-training programs.

“We are the only integrated GOTS factory in the U.S. today and pride ourselves as being green and socially conscious,” said Owen Zibrak, vice president of product development, adding that the company hopes to be a one-stop source for sustainable product as well as a model for American manufacturing.

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