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DJ Millie


An Array of Options Brings in Buyers Ready to Shop at WWDMAGIC

The big Informa Markets attraction during the August Las Vegas shows, WWDMAGIC saw buyers who wanted to see the latest trends. Hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center Aug. 12–14, buyers were searching for the most popular pieces at reasonable price points.

Showing her company’s trend-driven styles, Cristina Ramirez, sales manager at Lux Los Angeles,was catering to buyers who were searching for pieces to fill in their Fall inventory with seasonal favorites such as exciting prints, rust, olive, mustard and hues that transition well from summer into autumn such as gray. Her buyers were also moving beyond Fall into more-festive garments. “We also had a lot of reaction to our Holiday in heavy suedes, glitter and satins,” she said.

As the owner of Clara City, Minn., Hex Clothing Company, Mac Hendrickx wanted to find Fall apparel mainly for women but also a few pieces for children and men. His female clientele ranges in age from 20 to 50, and his wholesale price points run from $12 to $23.

“We say that many things are unisex because we don’t want to leave anyone out,” he said. “Buffalo plaid is really popular in Minnesota, so that is something I gravitate toward.”

A first-time attendee, Hendrickx found inspiration at YMI and Hyfve. While he was excited about muted colors such as green and gray in addition to blush pink, which he felt would carry into Spring, he was searching for lines that would allow him to serve a particular need in sizing.

“In our market, the big thing is plus size because we have a lot of tall clients,” he said. “I gravitate toward places that give us that plus-size option.”

At the Vision booth, Director of Sales Victoria Lee noted that the Los Angeles brand, which wholesales between $10.50 and $30, fulfilled this need.

“We carry everything in regular and plus size,” Lee said. “A-line flare, leopard and paisley prints and vertical florals are super popular.”

In business since 1989, Susan Castellanos was shopping to stock her Costa Mesa, Calif., shop, Franco’s Boutique. Her clientele comprises a customer that wants edgy Western apparel, so to satisfy her customers Castellanos wanted quality fabrics at a reasonable price, which would be $17–$28 wholesale from the likes of Judy Blu, Flying Monkey, Flying Tomato, Peach Love, THML and Andre.

“We are looking for new companies with new styles. We are leaders, not followers,” she said. “It’s good to come to WWDMAGIC to see what the new trends are now.”