Fall 2021 Blends Structure and Athleisure in Rich Hues With Pops of Dramatic Color

This season is marked by the liberating and positive force of color, which is something we feel more than we understand. Primal and instinctive, the allure of color allows us to break through the winter darkness, creating a hypnotic, optimistic effect. Its power transcends our stories, speaking to our instinct and allowing us to reconnect with visual and tactile sensations that are often forgotten. In its own natural, primitive way, color heightens creativity and adds warmth and theatrics to functional, sporty, basic wardrobes.

Around the world, the desire for a less-formal lifestyle brings casual pieces to the center of women’s wardrobes and diffuses it into every moment of their lives. Without betraying its origins, a casual approach reinvents itself to go beyond clichés. This practical, comfortable, simple and easy way of dressing is increasingly influenced by fashion trends. The casual outfit that evokes an ordinary look—without style—no longer exists.

The quest for warmth in fall can find a solution in the theme of intenso, which inspires a revival of intensely colored, optimistic 1980s themes. Through neo-Memphis pieces, urban essentials dipped in color are combined with street graffiti, forming a powerful hypnotic attitude.

Materials include tech cut-and-sew for the athletic wardrobe that is more extravagant and hypnotic than ever, playing with geometric jacquards and wavy textures in flashy colors. New arty effects give a boost to felted knits and painted denim with a warm street style. A sporty-chic wardrobe sees aristocratic logos meeting recolored Italian stripes and colorful, airy knits. Denim and knitwear are presented in artistic pieces that reference patterns marked by references from different cultures.

There is a sexy and powerful allure by combining saturated athleisure and a more-structured and design-forward urban wardrobe combining silky streetwear, vintage tailoring and hairy checks with shiny nylon in a luxurious, colorful mix and match.