Future-Proof Your Fashion Business

COVID changed the retail landscape – maybe forever. As the holidays approach, organizations are facing a mix of pre-existing and pandemic-fueled challenges that are permanently affecting how they bring products to consumers. Core enterprise technology like PLM could hold the answers.

In the first year of the pandemic online sales in the U.S. doubled, and as native e-tailers recorded record profits, thousands of physical stores were closing. Today things don't look so quite extreme, but online is here to stay – along with a blend of BOPIS, social commerce, and brick-and-mortar. Being able to effectively sell across multiple channels, and to make snap decisions about what to sell in the first place, is essential for post-pandemic success.

At the same time, design, development, and commercialization calendars have been compressed, and retail businesses must be agile enough to pivot to new product categories in record time.

All these challenges can be overcome with the right investments in a futureproof PLM platform like BlueCherry Next PLM, which offers:

• Seamless sharing of product data across different retail channels.

• Critical automations, integrations, and remote collaboration capabilities.

• Flexible configuration in product design and development.

Find out more about which other pandemic trends are continuing long-term, and how the right PLM platform can prepare you for post-COVID success in our brand-new eBook: "The Seven Priorities for Post-Pandemic Success… and How PLM Can Support Them All."